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Taimaz depends on its experts’ proficiency with several years of experience in the fields of:
- Design and production of AR and VR mobile applications
- Design and production of augmented reality applications
- IoT
- Designing and implementing variety of websites and portals
- Design and production of web and Windows software

Taimaz began to operate in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Istanbul in 2016, and aims to provide innovative IT services, focusing on innovation and pivotal services in pursuit of its goals and efforts to achieve "A dream in which people strive to improve their lives with the help of technology"

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Product Delivery

Taimaz has strived to deliver the highest quality, flexible softwares with ongoing support.

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The Right Place to Find Technology Made in Turkey

Designing, producing and implementing of various application for IOS, Android and Windows Phone operating system natively, with the use of latest software technologies.

Enjoying the latest programming technology and using content management system specialized for Taimaz (Taimaz CMS) with custom-built and coded framework by professional experts

Analyzing, designing and implementing “Internet of Things” platform for smart systems, for customers who want a different implementation of technology


We establish flawless information experiences that support faster, better, value-driving decisions. From firestarter solutions to transformative services, our portfolio is designed to address all analytics needs. We are here to future-proof your analytics strategy & equip you with the right capabilities to achieve it.

More Data, Better Performance

  • (Operating System Market Share in Turkey) ANDROID63%
  • (Social Media Market Share in Turkey) FACEBOOK61%
  • (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet Market Share in Turkey) MOBILE74%
  • (Mobile Vendor Market Share in Turkey) SAMSUNG47%

We help you transform your business into digital so you can succeed in a fast paced changing world.

Tell : +90(531) 702 2546
Email : [email protected]
Address : Gökevler Mah, Adnan kahveci Bulvar, 1 Blok, NO 175, Esenyurt, Kristal şehir, İstanbul, Turkey
Our Working Hours: Monday-Friday / 9-18

Call or send us an e-mail to inquire about our services and products or to ask questions. We strive to respond within our working hours.